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Gospel of the second coming

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Finally, here is the Gospel that everyone's been waiting for in which Jesus gets chance to put the record straight and show how the story of life has been manipulated over time by politicians and religious zealots. This is the book that Gandy and Freke believe Jesus would have wanted to have written. In 'his' gospel, Jesus leads people away from the thinking that has birthed hatred and numerous wars towards a true gnosis or knowing of self. Irreverent, challenging, extremely funny, and delicately informed by a profound spiritual message - this gospel is the book that Freke and Gandy have been longing to write. They consider it their best work to date and hope that it will prompt debate, discussion and promote a movement aiming to counteract religious division.
Författare Gandy, Peter
Mediatyp Inbunden
Förlag Hay House UK Ltd
Mått 134 x 212 x 14 mm
Vikt 316 g
Utgiven 2007-10-25
Sidantal 264
Artikelkod 9781401915520