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Enlightenment through orbs

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World renowned author Diana Cooper and spiritual teacher Kathy Crosswell explain who the orbs are, their purpose and how they can help you. They offer practical guidance and thorough explanations so that readers will be provided with unique tools for working with Orbs, connecting with unicorns, angels, archangels and fairies and continuing their spiritual journey. For the first time, angels are giving visible proof of their presence. Orbs started to appear regularly in photographs with the advent of digital cameras and the authors have examined thousands of photos containing them. Studying these pictures and working with the guidance from Diana and Kathy, readers will be able to experience specific energies that enlighten and transform their lives and will also gain the tools they need to foster confidence, love, empowerment, spiritual expansion and hope. Orbs are now a world-wide phenomena and are also closely linked with the approaching date of 2012 and the opportunities and changes that are associated with this time. Diana Cooper has been working with spirit guides and angelic beings for sixteen years, running workshops and writing best-selling books and creating divinations tools that have helped countless people find their life mission, fulfil their potential and empower their lives. Together with Kathy Crosswell, who is a Reiki master and inspirational and motivational teacher, Diana has produced the most up-to-date and complete guide to connecting and working with Orbs.
Mått 153 x 229 x 11 mm
Artikelkod 9781844091539
Förlag Findhorn Press Ltd
Sidantal 168
Mediatyp Häftad
Språk Engelska
Författare Kathy Crosswell
Vikt 263 g
Utgiven 2008-10-21