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What We've Forgotten Oracle Deck

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What We've Forgotten Oracle Deck provides a portal to the ancient wisdom of powerful deities, spirit guides, and the cosmos of consciousness in this 69-card deck and accompanying 96-page booklet and stunning illustrations created through artificial and universal intelligence. Use the What We've Forgotten Oracle Deck on its own or in together with the 2023 book by Amy Miranda, What We've Forgotten: An Interdimensional Adventure to Remember the Wonder Within while exploring the traditions of shamanic practice through a fresh modern lens. This deck will serve as a conduit between the rites, rituals, and adventures of interdimensional journey work in Miranda's book and the real world application of communicating across time and space through the cards. The accompanying 96-page booklet explains the messages in each card with a modern, easy-to-understand approach that turns the esoteric into profound, yet easy to digest wisdom that allows the readers to download direct messages from the cosmos. Each card has been carefully created through Miranda's deep mystic, historical, and scientific knowledge earned from her extensive studies, her journeying through the temples of consciousness revealed in her book, and in sacred communication with ancient dieties and spirits. What We've Forgotten Oracle Deck will provide pathways to discovery and portals to other dimensions for anyone who wishes to dive deeper into their spiritual journey work and unlock the secrets to their fullest potential and wildest dreams.
Förlag Simon & Schuster US
Artikelkod 9781959524052
Mediatyp Tarot/Orakel
Språk Engelska
Författare Amy Miranda
Utgiven 2024-05-25
Vikt 1 g
Sidantal 96
Mått 89 x 140 x 41 mm