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Three Stages Of Initiatic Spirituality

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Exploring the craftsman, warrior and magician archetypes - three vocations that echo the traditional tripartite division of society, Angel Millar reveals how these archetypes represent the three successive stages of spiritual growth in an individual's life. He shows how they provide structure for the initiatory process to develop one's mental, physical and spiritual potential. As craftsman, the individual experiences mnemonic initiation: the cultivation of memory as well as language. As warrior, somatic initiation: development of the physical body and cultivation of the spirit body. And as magician, gnostic initiation: cultivation of the self and manifestation of the Higher Self. Investigating the metaphysical aspects of each archetype, the author explores their symbolism, spiritual practices and rituals. Examining the craftsman archetype, he looks at metallurgy, alchemy and the Craft of Freemasonry, as well as the ancient role of blacksmith as shaman. He explores the idea of God as a Creator or Craftsman, especially in relation to ancient Greek philosophy, Islamic Neoplatonism and the Kabbalah. Examining the warrior archetype, he reveals how the way of the warrior was affected by religion and mysticism, such as how the Persian martial art of Zoorkhaneh was profoundly shaped by Sufism and why the Buddhist Shaolin temple became synonymous with Kung Fu. The author places special emphasis on the cultivation of subtle energy as practised in martial arts, especially in relation to Taoist inner alchemy. Examining the magician archetype, he reveals how each individual has two selves a lower self and a Higher Self - and explores the union of opposites studied by the magician, such as in the tantric arts and sacred sex magic. Sharing meditations, practices and Processes associated with each archetype, as well as techniques for transforming one's consciousness, he, also, investigates similarities between contemporary Western occultism, from Crowley to Chaos Magic and the positive thinking mind metaphysics movement. Structured to parallel the three archetypal stages of the initiatic process, this comprehensive guide offers a literary initiation through three degrees of esoteric knowledge. Investigates the symbolism, rituals and metaphysical aspects of each initiated archetype, from the alchemy and shamanism of the craftsman, to the subtle energy work of the warrior, to the sex magic practices and Higher Self work of the magician. Shares meditations, practices and transformational techniques for each archetype. Investigates the similarities between contemporary Western occultism, from Crowley to Chaos Magic and the positive thinking mind metaphysics movement.
Författare Angel Millar
Mediatyp Häftad
Språk Engelska
Artikelkod 9781620559321
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Utgiven 2020-03-03
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Förlag Inner Traditions
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