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This Life

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This Life offers a profoundly inspiring basis for transforming our lives, demonstrating that our commitment to freedom and democracy should lead us beyond both religion and capitalism. Philosopher Martin Hgglundargues that we need to cultivate not a religious faith in eternity but a secular faith devoted to our finite life together. He shows that all spiritual questions of freedom are inseparable from economic and material conditions: what matters is how we treat one another in this life and what we do with our time.

Engaging with great philosophers from Aristotle to Hegel and Marx, literary writers from Dante to Proust and Knausgaard, political economists from Mill to Keynes and Hayek, and religious thinkers from Augustine to Kierkegaard and Martin Luther King, Jr., Hgglund points the way to an emancipated life.

Artikelkod 9781101873731
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Pocket
Utgiven 2020-02-04
Författare Martin Hägglund
Förlag Penguin Random House US
Mått 132 x 204 x 25 mm
Vikt 329 g
Sidantal 450