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The word of colours

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In The Word of Colours, Swedish textile artist Anna Charlotte shares her experiences, reflections and thoughts on events in her life. These experiences have shaped her into the artist and healer she has become.

The power of colour is a journey into a divinely creative world and something that lives in us all. It is the true essence of ourselves, our initial impression of colour and how it can be changed to benefit us holistically.                                                                         

The book enables us to reflect on our lives and how to make better choices with which to surround ourselves.                            

Colours influence us more than we are aware!

Anna Charlotte will explain how we can open reflection into our current way of life.Understand our dress, home decor, colour and accessory selections, enhance the soul and more consciously shape our lives. She explains the importance of selecting well and how those choices accomplish a stress-free living environment. 

Ayurveda holistic medicine was born in India more than 5,000 years ago. It is the world's oldest health system from which Anna Charlotte's deep source of knowledge comes. It looks closely at nature based on the elements. 

She shares knowledge of how colour and materials characterise within nature and shows us in creative ways how to live a good life through them.

In spite of what we think we know about how the world looks, Anna Charlotte imparts fresh insight to enable us to start listening to ourselves and to enrich our lives. This in turn release vitality.

'Aurora Borealis' - the light from the north - is her latest story collection and is presented in this book. A metaphor for how to create light and knowledge for living in balance with nature's elements and colours through the four seasons.Useful, practical advice in conjunction with, elements and combined with colour.

Anna Charlotte's Colour Workshop is an excellent tool to begin work enhancing one's own life or that of a client. The work-shop is suitable for everyone and can be used in a personal or professional way. It can be found on page 121.

I hope you will enjoy Anna Charlotte's 'The Word of Colours'.

Sue Ucel


Utgiven 2020-02-03
Sidantal 160
Vikt 890 g
Mått 205 x 254 x 25 mm
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Inbunden
Författare Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten
Artikelkod 89436
Förlag AuroraBo Productions/ c/o Rosenberg Bosten