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The Ancestral Oracle of the Celts: Call on Your Ancestors for Guidance,Help and Healing

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With an 88pp guidebook and 40 cards (beautifully illustrated by Wil Kinghan) embodying archetypes of the Celtic world, this fantastic interactive oracle offers a way of consulting and communicating with our ancestors, whatever our race or culture.

Two sets of cards make up the Oracle:
1. Divine Ancestor Cards: these eight cards represent the ancestors from whom everyone is descended the matriarch (goddess) and patriarch (god) archetypes.
2. Clan Cards: these 32 cards represent the circle of Common Ancestors, who hold a huge collective of wisdom. There are four clans: Truth, Honour, Sovereignty and Wisdom, each one based on a category of Celtic society (farmers, warriors, nobles and artists/craftspeople).

Draw a single card for immediate guidance, or do spreads of three to eight cards for a more in-depth reading (these are detailed in the guidebook). The oracle given by the Clan Cards helps you make decisions, navigate challenging situations and follow your highest path, while questions posed by the Divine Ancestors question your attitude to the issue you re asking about and help you understand your own deeper motives. These ancestor cards are also perfect for approaching problems within a family or social group, including those passed down from recent ancestors as well as those generated in the current era.

Celtic tradition is an enduring source of cultural and spiritual inspiration for many, making a bridge to the wisdom of our ancestral heritage, whatever our origins. Throughout, Caitlín has been inspired by rich stories of Celtic mythology and legend, which help express the meaning of each card.
Språk Engelska
Författare Caitlin, Matthews
Utgiven 2019-08-13
Artikelkod 9781786782557
Mediatyp Tarot/Orakel
Mått 127 x 172 x 40 mm
Sidantal 88
Vikt 323 g
Förlag Penguin Random House Usa