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Sounds for Karma Busting

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Sri Siva, formerly known as Sri Guruji, is the guru who inspired Wayne Dyer's latest bestseller, Manifet your Destiny, and gave him the "Ah" meditation for manifesting. In this CD, Sri Siva personally guides you through sounds that help you to erase negative events from your life. A scholar-mystic from the Tamil Siddha tradition of South India, Sri Siva is unveiling the mystical secrets of his tradition to the Western world. Follow his practial techiniques for creating a life rich of love, tranquillity and prosperity.

The sounds Thiru Neela Kantam have the ability to dissolve karma. These sounds were given to us by a great being at the beginning of creation. A mythological story describes the event of the demons and the gods churning the ocean of milk to extract the elixir of immortality. A snake was used as a rope for churning. When the elixir was emitted, the snake also vomited poison, which fell on the elixir. Shiva, the greatest and most compassionate being, came forward and swallowed the poison. The poison remained in his throat.
Myths are the language of the divine, and convey eternal truths. The throat is the location for poison, or negative human consciousness. Every time you speak or hear or meditate on the sounds Thiru Neela Kantam and focus on your throat, you are immediately transported to the cosmic event when Shiva drank the poison. This helps to diffuse your karma.
Författare Siva, Sri
Utgiven 2000-10
Speltid 60 min
Artikelkod SWNI-04
Förlag Vaak Sounds, Inc
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