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Shamanic witch - spiritual practice rooted in the earth and other realms

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Shamanic practice seeks healing and wisdom from realms that overlap the everyday world. The use of plant and animal medicines, vision quests, trance work, and ceremonies to heal oneas self and others are the foundations of shamanism. So too, Wicca and witchcraft use the magic and medicine of plants, animals, and other realms. By learning to incorporate the practices of shamanism, the witch can enhance his or her natural abilities as healer and creator of positive change. The Shamanic Witch outlines the many similarities between the art of shamanism and the craft of the Witch and explores how the overlapping of these two traditions can be used to enhance oneas practice. Where witchcraft brings the belief and religion, Shamanism brings the skills. Sections include: Understanding the World of the shaman, Creatures and Spirits of Other Realms, Developing a Shamanic Practice, The Toolkit of the Shamanic Practitioner, The Realms of the Witch, and Melding Worlds: Becoming the Witch-Shaman.
Mediatyp Häftad
Språk Engelska
Mått 153 x 229 x 19 mm
Artikelkod 9781578634309
Författare Gail (gail Wood) Wood
Författare Gail Wood
Sidantal 264
Vikt 1 g
Utgiven 2008-09-29
Förlag Red Wheel/Weiser
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