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Shamanic Alchemy : The Great Work of Inner Transformation

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Offering a unique, hands-on guide to advanced self-transformation, James Endredy shows how traditional shamanic techniques offer a doorway into the sacred art of alchemy, the inner transformation of the soul. Revealing the practical and intuitive connections between shamanism and alchemy, including not only Western alchemy, but also alchemical practices from the East, Endredy recasts the 7 stages of the alchemical “Great Work” as a transformative shamanic journey and initiatic experience. He provides step-by-step instructions for 18 shamanic alchemy practices for inner transformation, including vibrational energy work, consciousness-altering techniques, the creation of mirrors of the mind, shamanic viewing and sacred ceremonies tied to the four elements. Exploring the healing art of spagyrics, the author shows how this alchemical plant-medicine practice is receptive to the energetic work of traditional shamanic techniques. He details formulations for distilling shamanic spagyric remedies, as well as recipes for basic tinctures and “plant-stones.” He, also, discusses the creation of sacred space, altars and shamanic distillation lodges. Comparing shamanic and alchemical cosmologies, the author explains how both shamanism and alchemy employ direct experience of the numinous and invisible worlds, also known as gnosis, to impart wisdom, invoke peace of mind and increase creativity and vitality. Showing how the practical vibrational science of alchemy and the consciousness-transforming techniques of shamanism directly enhance and expand upon each other, Endredy, also, reveals how they have the same ultimate goals - to allow the practitioner to transmute spiritual lead into gold and to penetrate the deep secrets of life and of nature.
Författare James Endredy
Mediatyp Häftad
Sidantal 288
Språk Engelska
Artikelkod 9781591433170
Förlag Bear & Company
Mått 152 x 229 x 18 mm
Vikt 463 g
Utgiven 2019-04-23