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Rumi's Little Book Of Wisdom

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This is a collection of inspirational wisdom for living a meaningful and productive life. The selection of quotations is chosen to reflect Rumi's inspiring and uplifting approach to life and address the inevitable issues that we encounter during our lifetimes. Here, Rumi talks directly to us, just as he did to his contemporaries 800 years ago. The wisdom includes no-nonsense statements, observations, and facts, ranging from matters of the heart, to understanding human nature, to embracing the nature of the divine. The end result is an extended meditation on how to live one's life with meaning, productivity, and kindness. This new translation of Rumi's wisdom is fresh, contemporary, and practical. It will appeal to the many who have loved his poetry, those who need a dose of daily inspiration, spiritual seekers, and those looking for traditional Sufi wisdom. Selections from RUMI'S LITTLE BOOK OF WISDOM: “People always fall in love with what they can't have. They readily give up their freedom in order to own what they can't understand; and they never fully appreciate what they've rightfully owned from the beginning.” “There is never a moment when we're not in love. Every hour there might be a new love: the love of sleep, love of rest, love of the harp, or simply love of beauty. When we feel enveloped by these feelings, we know we're enveloped by Love.” “What a shame to finally reach the open sea but settle for a modest jug of water!"
Mått 127 x 178 x 25 mm
Artikelkod 9781642970258
Språk Engelska
Sidantal 208
Mediatyp Häftad
Förlag Hampton Roads Publishing
Översättare Maryam Mafi
Författare Rumi .
Förord Narguess Farzad
Vikt 503 g
Utgiven 2021-04-25