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Rulers of the Horoscope

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A practical and thorough treatment on the meanings of all aspects of planetary and house rulerships, RULERS OF THE HOROSCOPE is the definitive sourcebook on this topic. Alan Oken masterfully guides you through the labyrinth of delineating and synthesising the complex interchange between rulers of houses and their signs and the nature of the houses they occupy and rule. He defines and describes derivative houses, planetary and house rulerships, dispositorships, mutual reception and the compatibility and nature of importance of their placement in the horoscope. The astrological charts of well-known people are illustrated with detailed descriptions of planetary relationships, their positive and negative aspects and the traditional and modern interpretation of the houses. Alan Oken's in-depth exploration of the ruler for each of the twelve houses and the rulers of the rising sign is an invaluable tool for astrology students and teachers alike.
Artikelkod 9780892541355
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Häftad
Förlag Ibis
Författare Oken, Alan
Mått 152 x 230 x 23 mm
Sidantal 304
Vikt 1 g
Utgiven 2008-10-23