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Robin MacNaughton's Sun Sign Personality Guide

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Let Robin MacNaughton help you discover who you really are through Astrology.  Do you have a million friends and no lovers?  Do you like to play boss even when you're not?  Does mediocrity drive you to despair?  Are you fiercely competitive and determined to succeed?  Do your emotions play havoc with your health?  Robin MacNaughton's fascinating new book is a complete personality guide, with special emphasis on love and compatibility.  Find out who your soul-mate is--which signs are right for romance.  Learn how to live up to your potential--what's holding you back and how you can overcome it.  Discover how the planetary cycles can influence your relationships, health, career and happiness.
Utgiven 1997-01-01
Författare Macnaughton, Robin
Mediatyp Pocket
Sidantal 512
Språk Engelska
Artikelkod 9780553273809
Förlag Penguin Random House US
Mått 107 x 175 x 28 mm
Vikt 283 g