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Raise Your Vibes Crystal Cards

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A fun, sparkly, beautifully designed crystal card deck created by Instragram influencer and TV host Athena Bahri. It incorporates reiki and chakra principles, with a vibe-raising activity for each crystal card.

Raise Your Vibes Crystal Cards takes your self-healing further than any other card deck by linking the power of crystals with the energy of reiki and the chakras. There are 55 cards in this stunning deck, each one representing a crystal and offering a Quick Vibe Fix, as well as a ritual and a linked herb activity to let you immediately tap into the energy of that crystal. Cards are grouped in the following categories:

Reiki Principles (5 crystal cards)
Chakras (42 crystal cards, 6 for each chakra)
All-chakra healing (4 crystal cards)
Affirmations (4 crystal cards)

Selenite, for example, is an energy-cleansing crystal. For an instant Quick Vibe Fix, take a piece of selenite and sweep it around your body and over your crown chakra. As a ritual, write down your goal, ideally at new moon, and place the deck's selenite card or your own selenite crystal over the paper in order to support its manifestation. For the selenite herb practice, clear the energy of your home by bringing out your favourite incense or herb bundle and allowing the smoke to rise from each corner of each room, keeping the windows open so any negativity can flow freely out of your space.

The 120pp booklet profiles each crystal and offers tips for creating an energetic connection with the cards, using them in spreads or as single-card draws for daily inspiration, and interpreting their advice. Start shuffling and raise your vibes today!
Språk Engelska
Författare Athena Bahri
Förlag Penguin Random House US
Sidantal 120
Mått 97 x 136 x 39 mm
Vikt 408 g
Artikelkod 9781786787248
Utgiven 2023-02-14
Mediatyp Tarot/Orakel