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Occult book - a chronological journey, from alchemy to wicca

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The things that people in the modern Western world consider "occult/’ secret, forbidden, or irrational—amulets and talismans, omens and divinations, spells and charms, spirits good and evil—are part of everyday life in many parts of the world, and have been for generations. In this fascinating book, occult scholar and practitioner John Michael Greer shines light on 100 of the dramatic incidents, arcane knowledge, and colorful historical figures from occult traditions over two and a half millennia—from the earliest alchemists of ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Greece; to pagan rituals; the Philosopher's Stone; Kabbala; the first tarot; the Knights Templar; to the Nazi Thule Party; fortunetelling trials; and the birth of modern witchcraft, or Wicca. Each entry illustrated with a stunning image or intriguing item of ephemera.
Författare John Michael Greer
Artikelkod 9781454925774
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Kartonnage
Mått 175 x 230 x 25 mm
Förlag Union Square & Co
Vikt 3 g
Utgiven 2017-11-16