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Mystic's Imaginarium Oracle Deck: (44 Full-Color Cards and 90-Page Guidebook)

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Mystic's Imaginarium Oracle Deck is a unique and mystical card deck designed to master manifestation and explore the depths of imagination. It acts as a guiding light on your journey to becoming a master manifester, weaving its way into your subconscious through its radiant and eclectic imagery. The Mystic's Imaginarium's collage style, with its layered elements and evocative color combinations, is as powerful as it is mesmerizing. Journey into the mind of Neville Goddard, curated by author Jen McCarty, with the sole purpose of guiding souls to eternal wisdom and a deeper understanding of the infinite. This forty-four-card deck is accompanied by a full-color guidebook, enriched with activations, all interwoven by the timeless teachings of Neville Goddard.
Sidantal 90
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Tarot/Orakel
Författare McCarty, Jen
Förlag Muse Oracle Press
Utgiven 2024-11-05
Mått 89 x 140 x 25 mm
Artikelkod 9780645885064