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Music for the Mindful Brain

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Hundreds of studies in recent years have deepened our insight into how entering states of meditation causes measureable changes in ourbrains. It is equally true that altering our patterns of brainwaves causes changes in our consciousness and can support us entering into deep states of meditative experience.

For over 30 years, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has been exploring methods for directly affecting our brainwave patterns and states of consciousness through the use of music and sound. Working with thousands of clients in clinical settings, he has developed unique recording processes for musical and 3-D nature soundtracks that cause our brains to lock onto embedded pulses of sound. The results are directly experienced in the quality and depth of your meditative experience.

There are different brainwaves associated with various states of meditation. Each of the six CDs in this set offers a unique combination of brainwave patterns and soundtracks:

  • Theta Meditation — Mid-level theta waves still your mind and calm your emotions
  • Theta Meditation 2.0 — These waves connect you with your natural source of healing
  • Gamma Meditation — Mirrors the brainwaves of Tibetan Monks meditating on unconditional loving compassion
  • Gamma Meditation 2.0 — Uses “hypergamma” waves associated with enhanced focus and inspiration
  • Meditative Ocean — The Maui ocean swells, crests, and breaks onto the shore
  • Meditative Rainforest — In a Sri Lankan forest, the nighttime symphony of insects, frogs, and water droplets dripping from leaf to leaf
Artist Jeffrey Thompson
Utgiven 2012-09-01
Speltid 364 min
Vikt 163 g
Språk Engelska
Förlag Sounds True
Mediatyp CD-skiva
Artikelkod 9781604078497