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Modern Tantra

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Tantra is one of the oldest, continuously practiced, Pagan spiritual systems. Modern Tantra reveals the original sources of common concepts such as Chakras and Karma, and that they are often not the same as is commonly accepted. More importantly, it presents an ancient Pagan system, appropriate for people today, complete with its own myths, traditions, deities, astrology, healing methods, divination systems, rituals, spells, and magick. Modern Tantra introduces concepts that are little known in the West, including the five kleshas, traditional blockages to spiritual advancement, and the Sri Yantra, a simple geometric figures seen all over India that can function like the Kabalistic Tree of Life on mega-steroids! Also introduced here is a traditional nine-chakra system with a secret chakra in the center of the skull that is responsible for producing a strange substance known as amrita, a sign of spiritual evolution. Included here are rituals for daily use, for setting up your own Real Tantra group, for birth, puberty, weddings, and death. Also included are healing techniques using breathwork, hand positions (mudras), and chants (mantras). This is truly a complete spiritual system, yet it is presented in a way that is never dogmatic and urges growth, experimentation, and evolution.
Författare Kraig Donald Michael,
Mediatyp Häftad
Förlag Llewellyn
Språk Engelska
Artikelkod 9780738740164
Mått 215 x 280 x 23 mm
Vikt 1141 g
Sidantal 432
Utgiven 2015-12-01
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