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Healing Yoga : The Healing Power

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Healing Yoga is about yoga from the perspective of healing. In her beautifulbook, yoga teacher Jennie Liljefors shows how we can use yoga as physicaltherapy through exercises, programmes, breathing and resting when wordshave fallen short and no longer suffice. Here you can also find programmes torelieve stiff shoulders and hips, sore backs, stomach problems and programmesthat can help various conditions such as infertility, PMS and menopause.Yoga can unlock and release frozen emotions by doing breathing and restingexercises. It can help us open our hearts and discover the deep intentionof how we want to live our lives.

“Often the body is forgotten as is the fear, sadness and pain that reside in it.Healing Yoga is filled with Jennie’s personal tips and advice, innovative ideasand practical exercises. But above all, it is packed with thoughtfulness andwarmth. ”Magdalena Mcweld, yoga teacher and author
“The path of yoga is an adventurous journey filled with discoveries andprofound changes. Jennie Liljefors has spent many years studying the variousaspects of internal healing, where trauma treatment has been an importantpart. The background here is her own experience of abuse and shamethat was silenced. Jennie is an example, she is living proof of how we candevelop and heal through yoga, both physically, mentally and spiritually.”Andrea Boni, yoga and meditation teacher

Jennie Liljefors is a certified yoga teacher and teaches Anusara yoga, Yinyoga, Restorative yoga, Pregnancy yoga and Meditation. She also works withpersonal training in yoga with therapeutic focus and treatment of post-traumaticstress disorder. Since 2013 she runs Altromondo Yoga in Stockholm.
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Författare Jennie Liljefors
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Utgiven 2019-11-26
Förlag Altromondo Yoga AB