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From functional to f*cking fantastic

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Do you know what it is like to leave the life you know, to head out for a life far away from the safety of our home country? Leaving family, friends, culture, and perhaps even language behind, to step into the promise of something fantastic. If you are one of these brave souls, you probably also desire a life that is more than just functional. You want it to be F*cking Fantastic! Right?

This book is written for you. Because the truth is that leaving the old familiar, is also a crash course in personal growth. Taking that step together with a partner or finding a partner abroad, invites for an even deeper reward, but also challenges powerful enough to sometimes knock the wind out of you. Women and men have different coping mechanisms for these challenges. This is a manual for women, written by a man, addressing common challenges and providing powerful strategies on how to get your dream relationship with the man you already have.



Author bio

Andreas Kihlberg is known for his dedicated transformative work with individuals and couples wanting to grow as humans and partners. After finishing his elite force military training in the Swedish navy, he completed a Master of Engineering and commenced on a successful career as a serial entrepreneur in high tech. In his early forties, parts of his life imploded and he decided to instead focus fully on his calling – relationships.

Today he has developed his own unique methodology by merging the teachings of western behavioural science and neuroscience with the age old traditions of the east including tantra, yoga and meditation. He is a part time expat himself living half in Sweden, half in Switzerland. 

Mediatyp Danskt band
Förlag Lassbo Förlag
Utgiven 2022-04-03
Formgivare Emma Bonath
Vikt 216 g
Sidantal 164
Mått 130 x 210 x 25 mm
Artikelkod 93593
Författare Andreas Kihlberg
Språk Engelska