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Earth Spirit Dreaming

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Humanity has become profoundly disconnected from the web of life on Earth as well as from nature as a whole. In this practical guide, Elizabeth E. Meacham details her field-tested method of shamanic ecotherapy practices to resolve this centuries-long trend toward disconnection. Through these practices, you will learn how to reconnect to Earth's systems and help restore health and balance to people and the planet. Translating transformative ideas from visionary environmental thinkers into engaging shamanic rituals for profound spiritual growth, Meacham offers dozens of practices in three categories: Earth-connecting practices, Spirit-connecting practices and Dream-connecting practices. Building on one another, the exercises open channels to allow you to directly experience the intelligences of the Earth and Spirit realms, rebirth your inherent shamanic abilities, realign you with the rhythms and flow of life and reclaim your ancestral power for co-creating a healing dream for our species and all of life on our planetary home. Guiding the reader through a progressively deepening journey toward connection with ourselves, each other and the consciousness of our biosphere, the practices, also, invite profound mindfulness, as we work to hold a vision of connection with the Earth and Spirit realms, while choosing consciously to focus on joy, beauty, gratitude, love, and healing. Illuminating a shamanic awakening within Western culture at the dawn of an ecological age. EARTH SPIRIT DREAMING reveals how the birth of a global consciousness of healing depends upon our commitment to individual and collective spiritual evolution. Calling us back to our shamanic heritage of a living nature spirituality, this manual offers much needed guidance on the essential journey back to an intimate love of Earth. · Explains the Earth Spirit Dreaming process for rebirthing inherent shamanic abilities with dozens of practices in three categories - Earth-connecting practices, Spirit-connecting practices and Dream connecting practices. · Provides experiential exercises to foster interactions with the intelligences and elemental energies of nature and the Spirit realm, realign you with the rhythms and flow of life and co-create a healing dream for humanity and all of life on our planet. Contains step-by-step directions for connecting with the light guides of the planet for guidance and healing.
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Häftad
Artikelkod 9781620559871
Författare Elizabeth Meacham
Sidantal 224
Förlag Findhorn Press Ltd
Utgiven 2020-03-05
Vikt 372 g
Mått 152 x 229 x 13 mm
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