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Detox Flow Yoga: A Guided Practice to Purify Body, Mind & Spirit

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Each day we are exposed to toxinsthrough the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the products we use. Even our thoughts and emotions, when negative or repressed, can be as unhealthy as a poor diet or sedentary lifestyle. Internationally celebrated yogini Seane Corn has developed a unique program aimed specifically at identifying and removing the physical and emotional impurities that threaten our health and well-being. On Detox Flow Yoga, this dynamic teacher presents a step-by-step practice for beginners and advanced students that purifies body, mind, and spirit. With this comprehensive three-CD program, listeners will learn a holistic yogic approach that includes: Sun Salutations, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, and inversions that cleanse the body and stimulate our vital organs, Guided meditations for shifting perception and releasing stagnant or unhealthy mental patterns; Reflections that cultivate dietary awareness, proper exercise, spiritual renewal, and more. Corn
Författare Seane Corn
Utgiven 2009-06-01
Vikt 113 g
Speltid 225 min
Mått 132 x 132 x 18 mm
Språk Engelska
Förlag Sounds True
Artikelkod 9781591797128
Mediatyp CD-skiva