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Clarity Tarot

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Clarity is a radical, contemporary translation of the Tarot. The deck's minimalist style reveals the heart of the traditional imagery, allowing any reader to intuitively connect with new visions.

Clarity is a contemporary Tarot Deck that re-signifies the traditional 78 cards into new forms of representations through minimalism. Stripped of monarchical hierarchy, binarism and ageism of the characters, the cards allow people from different backgrounds and different levels of knowledge of Tarot to easily self-reflect on them. The borderless design allows you to create visual landscapes and to more deeply understand the elements of Tarot, and correspondences in them.

The guidebook includes an introduction to the system of the Tarot deck and shows its depth of vision and associations, focusing on the rules of visual language such as symmetry, direction, velocity, temperature, lines, repetitions and correspondences. Gorgeously written throughout, each Major Arcana card also comes with a beautiful poem intuited by the author.
In addition, Bel shares guidance on reading for yourself and others, including 4 suggested spreads, issues on boundaries, activation of the deck, and opening of space.
Mediatyp Kort/tarot
Utgiven 2023-04-11
Sidantal 96
Författare Bel Senlle
Språk Engelska
Förlag Penguin Random House US
Artikelkod 9781786787699
Mått 100 x 140 x 45 mm
Vikt 493 g