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Chiron Effect

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We all have experienced disappointment, sadness, rejection, or the loss of something meaningful in our lives. When you are wounded, innate animalistic instincts for self-protection kick in as a means for survival. These behaviour patterns are a natural and necessary coping strategy, at first. But many dwell far too long in these patterns and separate themselves from their source of inner wisdom and intuition. Using astrology as a diagnostic tool, Lisa Tahir reveals how to use the astrological placement of the minor planet Chiron in your birth chart to identify the core wounds and unconscious patterns that block your capacity to have self-empathy and to forgive. Coining the phrase “Chiron Effect” to describe the magnetic pull that individuals have around specific areas of vulnerability, she explains how, like a raw nerve, the placement of Chiron describes what parts of our lives we might edit or hide for fear of being rejected as well as the areas of sensitivity where we are triggered. Offering a chart and online links to allow you to determine Chiron's placement in your chart, the author explains how Chiron affects you psychologically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, socially, financially, and intellectually depending on the sign and house it falls within. She outlines how to begin healing your core wounds through empathy and self-forgiveness, providing several steps for each sign placement to shift self-destructive patterns and learn to protect yourself as well as powerful affirmations infused with Reiki healing energy to help you anchor a new belief system. As Lisa Tahir reveals, once identified, your personal Chiron placement can become the source of your greatest healing and empowerment. By recognizing your core wounding and learning to offer yourself empathy and forgiveness, you can finally break free from suffering, end self-sabotage, and allow your life to unfold in a new way.
Artikelkod 9781591433958
Sidantal 224
Mediatyp Häftad
Språk Engelska
Författare Lisa Tahir
Mått 152 x 228 x 18 mm
Utgiven 2021-01-25
Förlag Bear & Company
Vikt 363 g
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