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Celtic Plant Magic : A Workbook for Alchemical Sex Rituals

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The ancient rites and lore of the Druids have always utilised a gentle alchemy to convert plant essences into potent compounds for working magical rituals. Through the respectful seduction of a plant's virtue Druid alchemists are able to release and collect the latent energy physical attributes and magical capacities of that plant. The Druid then applies a series of processes to the acquired essence in order to maximise its power prior to its application in magical ritual. In this first-ever working guide to the principles processes and practical application of druidic plant magic Jon G. Hughes shares the combined wisdom of his ancestral lineage.

CELTIC PLANT MAGIC includes basic alchemical theory instructions for creating all necessary tools descriptions of magical compounds and their uses and how to prepare oneself for working with plant essences. The healing and magical properties of more than 70 plants and trees are provided. The author then applies this information to a Celtic sex ritual demonstrating how these compounds are used in specific magic and ritual practices.

CELTIC PLANT MAGIC is a valuable manual for anyone wishing to harness the magical potential of plant energy. · Provides step-by-step instructions for processing and transforming 70 plant energies and essences into working magical compounds. · Demonstrates the application of these compounds in a sex magic ritual. · Written by a practising Druid with more than 40 years in the tradition.

Artikelkod 9780892819249
Förlag Destiny Books
Författare Jon G. Hughes
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Häftad
Sidantal 288
Vikt 800 g
Utgiven 2003-03-04
Mått 203 x 254 x 19 mm