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Blood Type B: Food, Beverage & Supplement Lists

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A Readers Review: A reader from Charlottesville, VA United States
At first, I was a big skeptic of the whole "blood type diet". However, Dr. D'adamo's research on food allergies is quite persuasive. His recommendations are simple: be aware of food sensitivities. He's not like Atkins or the Duchess of York, trying to find a quick fix. He simply explains that insulin/blood sugar imbalances, which affect many people and lead to sugar cravings, are helped through including more or less of certain foods that interact with the antigens on one's blood cells. Peter D'Adamo, a naturopath, peppers his book with anthropological insights that are also interesting. His theories seems a bit contradictory in places: for example, he does not reconcile the fact that many Asians are Type B with the fact that Type B "benefits the most from milk products". In fact, his overly-enthusiastic endorsement of milk products, in the case of type B, seems a bit skewed to me, especially given some of the research on how milk can cheese can cause a lot of inflammation. The section on herbs/supplements for the blood types has really changed the way I use herbs, for the better. At only [money], this book a a great deal. Give blood (they tell you your blood type) and then grab one of these little books.
Författare D'Adamo, Peter / Whitney, Catherine
Mediatyp Pocket
Förlag Penguin Random House
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Artikelkod 9780425183120
Utgiven 2001-12-31