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Ekvist - e-handel och logistik


by Guru Dharam S. Khalsa


For the last 10 years or so the date 2012 has seeped into popular culture via various media outlets including newspapers, magazines, radio, television documentary and film. This date and what it may bring is exerting a fascination upon our collective imagination. But what is the significance of this date? Is anything going to happen and if so what? Why are there so many theories floating around cyber space about 2012?

There are 3 primary sources of information concerning this date
First is the widely quoted 'Mayan calendar'. The Maya were an indigenous people from the areas we now call Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. Their civilization began around 2000BC and lasted till the 16th Century. Their 'classic' period was from 250 to 900AD. The Maya had a particular talent for astronomy and constructing calendars to mark the passing of time. They had several interlocking calendars for successively long periods or 'counts'.
They calculated the trajectories of the moon and, particularly Venus to the highest degree of accuracy with no scientific instruments. They had an extremely sophisticated astronomical methodology. While many sources say that the Forth Sun of Consciousness of the Tzolkin Calendar, 'the Long Count' ends in 2012, other sources claim that the actual date may be a few years later. This fact does not imply apocalypse or global annihilation at this time to the Maya but rather a time of important change.

Indigenous Elders have different perspectives on the significance of this time. Some see it as portending a time of extreme darkness and strife. Others say it represents a portal or gateway to a time in which a new cosmic vibration will be reflected in a new consciousness.

Note that the first 3 'Suns of Consciousness' correlate directly with the first three root race civilizations. The Maya worshipped the Quetzalcoatls or feathered serpents which they they saw as the creative potential inherent in the Cosmos.

If you look at at a map of the globe and find Central America, then project a diameter from the Maya territories to the opposite side of the world, you find yourself in the subcontinent of India which is the source of the second series of prophecies regarding the date 2012.

The Ayurvedic astronomer priests also have a long and distinguished tradition of astrological divination. The Yogis measured time in long units of 1,432,000 years known as a 'Maha Yug' or Great Age, indicating a particularly wide scope of perception.

This field of perception was the preserve of the Yogis who finely honed their consciousness using psycho- spiritual exercises engaging their mental polarities in the science of Tantric and Kundalini Yoga.

A Kundalini Master called Yogi Bhajan came to the West in 1969 as part of the 20th century yogic migration from India,the birthplace of yoga to the West. He taught Kundalini Yoga and stated it was an ancient practice that was needed to attune our consciousness to the imminent Age of Aquarius. Yogi Ji placed the date of the shift as 11/11/11.

This date resonates intriguingly with his numerological system which has a base of 11, the number which represents completion, unison and mastery.

He spoke of the 21 years previous to 2011, beginning in 1980 as a 21 year cusp which comprised 3 distinct 7 year cycles of consciousness and he gave us meditations to attune ourselves to the Aquarian paradigm.

The energy of Aquarius, he taught, is characterized by equality, liberty, freedom and most of all, compassion. It is interesting to note that so much of the teaching of the great Piscean spiritual masters ( known as Maha Nagas or 'Great Serpents ' in the Yogic tradition ) was to cultivate compassion and loving kindness. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus all emphasized the importance of developing the heart chakra. The frequency of the Aquarian vibration is one which resonates with the heart chakra. In other words, the Aquarian Age invites us to be in our heart. To care. And share. To participate in creating a heart centered world. The Maya might call these sentiments an expression of the 'the 5th Sun of Pure Consciousness'. Yogi Bhajan called them the natural attitudes of the conscious human in the Aquarian Age.

You may recall that certain commentators after the recent global financial and banking crisis spoke of the necessity to shift their corporate cultures to 'compassionate Capitalism'. It has not happened and the previous PIscean attitude centered at the third chakra, of loss and preferably gain of personal power still prevails in the financial sector. This first wave of chaos has proved to be ineffectual in changing the core beliefs in these great institutions of our society. As we live through the reverberations of the shift from Pisces to Aquarius in the next few years it will serve us to consider the motif of Aquarius.

A woman carries a pitcher of water on her shoulders. It is filled with water and she pours it from her vessel onto the thirsty earth. The woman represents the Shakti energy of the sacred feminine principal. She is the carrier of the water of Spirit and she is quenching the thirst of the Earth Mother.

Kundalini Yoga is a Shakti transmission. The proportion of female to male Kundalini teachers is about 3 to 1. It is Woman who is responsible for teaching the sacred science of Kundalini which is the Spirit being poured by the Aquarian woman into the parched earth.

In the Aquarian Age, woman must be recognized as the equal of the male to establish harmony and give us the opportunity of creating a sustainable community on the planet.
The third source and perhaps the most high profile is the least authoritative and may be said to derive from the populist New Age movement, a loose collective of several groups who have come to represent the views of the counter culture. Included in this group would be the pronouncements of various 'channeled' discarnate entities so admired by West coast culture in the USA. While espousing knowledge of what 2012 will bring, these sources tend to lack authenticity and demonstrate a rather superficial attitude to the issue. Hence Hollywood gave us a formulaic disaster movie entitled '2012: you were warned'.

The Age of Aquarius invites us to reconsider our priorities, to work together for the common good and to cultivate our hearts natural predisposition to compassion for all beings, at all times for all time.

Copyright Guru Dharam S. Khalsa 28/06/11


Developing Your Wisdom Through The Wisdom Of The Earth

Gary Kendall is the author of We Are The Future Earth: Reflections of a Healer's Pilgrimage to Argentina's Spiritual Heartland. (Featured in the February issue of Nära.) Wisdom, he says, must have a foundation. We all long to walk the earth and to live our lives in wisdom. And from where does such wisdom arise? There are so many stars in the sky, but there is only one Earth beneath our feet. The starting point for our wisdom, the foundation, is here before us. For the people of this world, there can be no wisdom that is not first grounded in the Earth. And such wisdom arises quite spontaneously from the joining our consciousness with the matrix of all Earth consciousness -- giving and receiving love, becoming one with the consciousness of our home, the Earth. It is so simple, so natural. And the future Earth is ours to create, but only if we co-create it with other beings of this world -- from the stone people to the keepers of the streams and forests, from the deep elementals to the masters in the cities of light. This is and has always been humanity's destiny to fulfill -- to co-create the Earth! Our wisdom must adapt then to the challenges of our time. For countless centuries, we have given away our power to beings of lesser light. Today we must liberate ourselves from our history of separation and take back the creative power that we have long forgotten was ours. Now is the time to turn our creativity toward co-creating a future Earth that will sing its song of love throughout the cosmos. Klicka på bilden för att läsa mer.

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